About Me

I am an educational researcher committed to improving the learning and teaching of computing. I work at WestEd in Redwood City, California where I conduct research studies and program evaluations related to computer science education.

Some topics I really enjoy: computing education, language learning, and language technologies.

What I’m Working On

K-12 Computer Science Teaching (research)

  • My research focuses on understanding and documenting the knowledge educators develop around how to teach computer science, what Shulman termed pedagogical content knowledge (PCK). For example, I look at the strategies teachers use to help students learn different topics like recursion. Or, I capture their thoughts around students’ most common misconceptions. The goal of my work is to help inform the preparation and professional learning of educators transitioning into teaching computer science.

Tech Entrepreneurship for Youth (evaluation)

  • My evaluation work focuses on supporting organizations in building opportunities for more youth to pursue computer science. I collaborate with clients to improve their programs through logic model development, program monitoring, and formative evaluation. Some of my past clients include tech entrepreneurship programs for high school boys of color and for girls across the globe.
    Publications: WestEd Insights

Research Data Management (data wrangling)

  • Large-scale educational research amasses a lot of data. This includes demographic data, assessment data, event participation data and much more. Add to this the complexity of receiving data from different sources, in different formats, using different (or no) conventions that need to be shared with multiple audiences for different purposes. In my data wrangling work, I design and implement data systems to clean, organize, and summarize this information.
My Training
Ph.D, Learning Sciences, Northwestern University (2017)
M.A., Learning Sciences, Northwestern University (2012)
B.S., Computer Science & French, Carnegie Mellon University (2006)